Is it possible to attach a model to a deep link payload?


I know it is possible to pass a query string to a deep link, but is it possible to pass a 3d model to a deep link’s payload? The idea is that the URL of the experience will encode the model and in the experience the model is decoded and used.

I was thinking of doing something like this, I pass the whole gltf structure as a query string in the deep link. But can zapworks use this to instantiate a model, using something like Z.Object().type(“gltf string here”)?


That would be cool. I would try it and see what happens.
Or maybe maybe try sending the model info in the query string and use that.
Post from you I didn’tknow we could do :grinning:



Yep it’s possible to load a model that is hosted somewhere else using a URL, but on this case the client would rather launch the same experience with different models without hosting the model…the only way would be like this, passing the model to the deep link, but Zapworks needs to be able to make sense of it.

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I was told once in a chat that I could pull and push raw image data to and from an ajax table.

So maybe…