Is a webcam always needed for web-based Studio experiences?


HI All,

Yesterday I developed a very simple Studio-based test experience triggered via a web link. I didn’t notice that I was using an external monitor and the lid of my macBook was closed. The browser did ask for camera access but at the same time the camera was not accessible, so it did not work. As soon as I opened the lid of the macBook everything worked. This made me asking: is access to a camera always needed to boot a Zappar experience? Even if not strictly needed? I was not doing tracking or anything apparently related to camera access…

Thanks, Aaron


Hi @produzione,

This is a fantastic question!

With AR experiences created with ZapWorks Studio, you will be faced with a splash screen in order to launch the experience. This is because of browser security reasons - they require some interaction to do things like play audio for example. It just so happens that the camera permissions are also within this button, so when you build with Studio you will always get this dialog upon experience launch. This makes sure that your experiences run smoothly and you can focus on creating your content! :art:

However, if you would like to build an experience that does not immediately use the camera and does not ask for it until the time is ready, you might want to check out our Universal AR SDKs if you’re more technical. This gives you a greater scope of control, meaning you can create your own launch pages and ask for permissions when you see fit.

Have an awesome day!
Francesca :blush: