iOS14 WebAR- 3D models not showing


I’m testing image tracking with 3D models in WebAR. In studio, I’m using the template “Target Manipulator Example”, 3D model that can rotate/scale on top of trigger image. I’ve replaced the trigger image and model. I don’t have issues with it working on iOS13 iPhones, but the model isn’t loading with iPhones with iOS14.

Did the iOS14 update break some of the WebAR functions?

I’ve tested with 4 iPhones:
iPhone 8+ on iOS13.7 (WebAR works as intended)
iPhone 11 on iOS13.7 (WebAR works as intended)
iPhone XS on iOS14 (Model not loading in WebAR)
iPhone X on iOS14 (Model not loading in WebAR also)


Hi @technogenic,

Thanks for reporting this. iOS 14 has caused us some issues, but we are rolling out fixes as we speak.

Can you please send through the 3D model and / or the ZPP to, so we can do some testing and see what the issue might be?



@George Is there any updates regarding fixes for iOS 14?