International Space Station

So here in my new entry for the competition. A detailed look at the I.S.S. with 3d models, Information about the modules, 360 walk thru with videos and some extras.



Looks great!

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Well done! Especially in just 2 weeks! :+1:
Very informative!

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2 weeks? How many hours?

Well Tuesday-Friday at the office I got all my parts and spent a lot of time converting the 3d model from light house (I think that was the name) to FBX file. So off and on thru out the day. Saturday all day so 10 or so hours maybe 4 hours a day Sunday to Wednesday. Then full days this Thursday , Friday and little to finish up on Saturday. So maybe 50 -60 hours. :sunglasses:

Steve, this looks awesome. Great job! Can I trouble you to submit it officially through the competition page? Thanks!

Hay @dave.mather . I did right after I posted it on here. Do I still need to resubmit it or did you find it?


That’s great, all good. Thanks Steve :slight_smile:

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very good congratulations :+1:

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Steve this is awesome, your best one yet. I love how many different layers you have put into it. The UI is really well organised, seems like you are on a roll!

When are you going to start your own agency??? :grin:


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Love it!!! Thank you. I took all I have learn from all the other competitions and hoped it helped me for this one. I was going to make a 360 game by now I’m glad I didn’t after seeing how many there are.

I have talked to a few people about working with there business.


Nice work. I really enjoyed the experience. The map along the way so I knew where I was was a helpful piece. Did you build this all in one or did you create the different pieces in separate zaps then import them in? I ask because i’m trying to find a good workflow for more complex interactions. I stack so much that it becomes somewhat overwhelming. Anyway very fun and engaging experience. Well done!

It’s all one. I knew what I wanted in it so I just built each part as I went.

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How did you tie the map into the location you were in on the station? Did you have one map update or were there multiple maps that were called depending on location?

Are you asking about the 360 part.
If so it’s one Photo Sphere witch I changed the photo and buttons as I went. I used timeline States to turn on and off things.


I was asking about the map in the right corner. The red dot follows you along as you explore. However for the photoshphere, you used just one and changed the material in states/timelines? Am I understanding correctly?

ok I got it.

The map had one dot per spot. so I had a state for each stop that would change the photo, buttons, map red dot and text. Yes Just one Photo Sphere that changed the material in states as they went.