Interactive forms and buttons


This is a potential brain buster and there aren’t really any answers in the Zappar tutorials - can a touchscreen interactive form be created in a Zappar scene? By this I mean, not linking to a website, but actually create something within the scene that records feedback, for example? Or possibly each button send a response to a website?

Maybe I am asking for too much, or maybe I need to just completely design an app.

I feel at the moment like the UI in my AR scenes are partially interactive but not to the point where it feels truly interactive.

Any help or pointers would be gladly received.



Hi @technology,

From what I understand you would like to record feedback each time something in a scene is interacted with?

If this is correct then you should check out our anlytics!

“ZapWorks is supported by a stats dashboard (which we call Zap-alytics) that provides aggregated data in near real-time. That data can be segmented into all zapcodes, group of zapcodes or individual zapcodes.”

To add analytics into a Studio project, you can utilize the Z.Stats scripting reference. The Z.Stats object provides functions for reporting salient events to the Zapalytics data dashboard.

Hopefully this helps!