Instant tracking webar


Is there any updates for the world tracking implementation to the webar? If this is a long way away, could anyone point me in the direction to a solution to the downside of instant tracking where the model loses its ability to stay anchored when the anchor point is out of the field of view.

For example we would not recommend using Instant Tracking to build an experience where a user explores a virtual environment by freely walking around a large area.

I have just that, an experience where the user is to walk through the placed room. Instant tracking isnt working well as the model just moves with the camera when the anchor point is no longer in the view. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Hi Zan,

We’re not able to provide any updates on releasing world tracking to WebAR at this time as this is largely reliant on third parties (namely Apple/ Google) to provide functionality which would make it possible to have world tracked experiences via mobile web browser (Safari/ Chrome).

We’d recommend that you ask users to download the Zappar app to experience world tracked experiences. As an alternative to asking users to manually go to the App/ Google Play store, consider adding a QR code trigger which deep links the user to open the experience in the Zappar app. If the user does not have the Zappar app, they’ll be asked to download it.

Hope this helps,