In trigger image much have the circle zapcode logo or not?

In trigger image must have the circle zapcode logo or not?
I has publish project already.
I print trigger image for scan but i must scan the circle zapcode logo before scan image .
But in youtube simple not have the circle zapcode logo but it can scan.
I solve by out the circle zapcode logo in triger image .
but my boss don’t want to show the circle zapcode .
how to do it? thanks

Unless you’re an enterprise customer, your user will need to have access to a zapcode (or QR code for WebAR) in order to access the AR experience. While it’s recommended the zapcode/QR code be contained within your image, you can have it separate. This is touched on in the Project Triggers page and the What Makes A Good Tracking Image page within the Docs site. What matters is that it’s somewhere your user can scan it.

I did happen to notice this clever little section in the Triggers page of one of my projects, so it is possible to only have an image lookup but I’m not sure of the specifics. Plus, you’ll need to contact the Zappar directly about that.