How to remove the white circle around an audio button

I have added an audio clip on top of an image. When I zap it, a play button with a white circle will appear in the experience. Is there a way to remove that white circle?

Thank you.

Hi Kevan,

The best way to achieve your image playing audio is by creating a video (MP4) and using the image throughout the whole video.

Alternatively, you can upload a background sound, however, this does not allow the user to pause the audio unless they have uploaded an object which has the ‘Pause other media’ enabled when tapped.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, Bob.

Hi Kevan,

I’ve made the icon super small (1x1) then layer it behind other elements if I can. You could also add a transition to fade out right away on the audio.



Thanks for the suggestion, Destery.

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