How to Implement Physics


Hi, I am new to Zappar and I am trying to create a simple AR game in it. But I am finding it difficult to implement basic physics properties like gravity, applying force and other such things.
It would be great if you guys can help me out with this problem


So ZapWorks has a problem with Physics like gravity and applying force.
They real only have Trigger Region and Raycaster Docs:

Now with that said I have a project file made by someone else (Not mine) that uses the Matter.js code in ZapWorks.

Now I haven’t played with it so don’t know how to use it yet. Feel free to play with it.
matterjsPlatform.zpp (122.1 KB)



Hey @ashishdevden,

We do have a Universal AR + cannon.js physics example over on GitHub: :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Thanx Stevesanerd , i’ll look into this


thanks Deim, i’ll look into this project too


I looked into your project and I believe same can be achieve by integrating universal AR with unity, isn’t it??

And as I am more comfortable with unity, I think that will be a better option for me


Yeah, you can use Unity’s built-in physics system alongside our unity plugin :slight_smile: