How to get the link to to use my face filter


i dont know how to get the link, ive watched tutorials on youtube, still dont undertsand, i can scan it with code but i cant get the link or qr code for my exams, please help, my deadline for my exam is in 2 days


Ok so you have the QR code to a working project.
Do you have access to the project in
If so go to your project and then Triggers (it’s listed on the left side)
If you have a deep link as a trigger you will see the link listed.
If you don’t have have a deep link you can add one by clicking on the (+) New Trigger.
Then you should see the link.

Now if you don’t have access to the
I have a QR Barcoder Scanner app on my phone that will show me the link before it opens it like the camera app does.

The last thing is that the is a short link. When it opens in your browser it’s to there address.

Hope this helps