How to Delete Zapcodes and Turn off Widget Music

I have 2 questions that I need help with using & widgets.

1- In Widgets, My background sound is set to none, but I keep hearing ambient music. How can I turn this off? I tried uploading 5 seconds of empty mp3 and it didn’t want to recognize it. I would like to have silence during my widget menu experience.

2- My web interface is getting junked up with all my failed learning experiments. How do I delete the wrong, old and broken zapcodes forever? I tried “add to archive” but they are still there. I put them in a group just to get them out of the way. I’m still learning and it’s confusing to remember which code works and which five don’t.


Hi Mindy,

Could you send a link to your widget page over to for me to have a look at please?

Also, in regards to your second question, archiving a zapcode should also remove it from your zapworks page, please make sure you’re following the steps outlined below:


If the issue persists, please let us know in the email and I can look into it.


Posting a Follow up in case someone else runs into this…

the solve for question #1 was to import a silent .mp3 track. I made 5 seconds of an empty AE comp and exported as mp3. worked like a charm!

#2 was a combination of a few things… I was not logged in as an admin on my account and therefore was prohibited from making changes to the dashboard. The other part was a bug in the app that didn’t tell me there was an issue.