How to delete unneeded tags?


So been doing a lot of testing using various tags to work out needs and requirements. The tag list is now populated with numerous unneeded tags. How do I delete them?



Hi Eric,

To remove tags from nodes in ZapWorks Studio, I’d recommend you take a look at our guide here; to remove them, select the ‘- - -’ option in the drop-down menu.


Hope this helps,


I think you may not understand my need. I currently have about 20 in the drop-down and only need 5. I don’t want them removed from an object I want them removed from the list. How do I completely delete them from the list?



Hi Eric,

Apologies, but thank you for the clarification.

There isn’t a way you can delete tags in the current version of Studio, unfortunately. We know this can be annoying; we’ve put this in a feature request for the next update.




I would also like to be able to delete a tag from the drop-down list.