How to delete triggers

Hi I have several triggers I want to delete. But I can’t find the delete button.

Any idea how can I delete unused triggers?


Hi @kfkok4,

Thought I’d pop in here and answer this, as it could be helpful for others too! :grin:

At this time, you are unable to delete triggers. That said, although I cannot give a timeframe, it is something that we would like to include and have been working towards introducing!

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:

Hey, this question is about 1 year ago and the solution is still missing? Or is there any chance to delete these triggers?

Is there any Chance, to get an update, which allows to delete these triggers?

Hey @immblend - thanks for your comment.

Let me take a look for you and see where we are with this; it’s a great suggestion but it has some design implications (e.g. what happens if you delete a trigger for a live project)

I’ll take your suggestion forward and speak to our product team about next steps. Thanks!

Still one year old and i think there is stil not an Option to delete triggers?!?
Am i wrong and can find it or whats the Problem? since over 2 years people are asking for it…