How can I access without the toolbar?

I sent an email called “Can you enable instant tracking on the following experience”. Adam Mccormick told me on his last message that it’s possible to access without the toolbar. But I couldn’t do it, I asked him but he didn’t answer yet. How can I access without the toolbar? Please I need this answer today…

Adam Mccormick said
“Also, it is possible to use without the toolbar as we can add the query string to the URL of the project QR code.”

If I have an experience with URL Zappar for Web (v1.0.142) (fictitious).

If I try, it doesn’t work (not because the id is xxxxxx, use a valid id). Please help.

It works for me.
I just used the demo code and added to it

Demo link:
Updated link:

You would just need to change the ?zid=z/wkgp1c to your ID.


Ps. You should be able to just us the WebAR - Lite branded splash screen. I believe that the lite also has the instant tracking working on it.

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Oh that’s because the URL that needs to be used is, not Now it’s working…thanks a lot!

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