I am trying to figure out hosting, but my react app is white on your hosting, although working fine on netlify. Any tricks to hosting? Im publishing my build folder from running yarn build from a boilerplate of your React-three/fiber zappar integration.

Any info is helpful.

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I tried to add a custom domain, but i am only allowed to add for ios/android, there is no option for web. :frowning:

Hi @scottccardoza!

I believe that I have answered your ticket enquiry, but just in case this is helpful for others - we have a dedicated article here which goes through some of the different hosting methods :zap:

For self-hosting, you’ll need to make sure that your domain name passes the license check - for more on this, click here.

We also have a dedicated tutorial video for publishing projects on this page.

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush:

I have this same issue now, but unfortunately the links posted do not work. Any idea why I would be getting a blank screen with no errors? Thanks