Historic view of shop

Hey guys,

I’m looking to design an AR experience in my local village for the tourists next year. Basically, I will have zap codes on a few shops and when a user zaps the code, a 2d historic image of the shop will appear. Any tips on how to do this looked into the tutorials but couldn’t see one on this anywhere.

cheers in advanced

Hi @andrew2,

Love this idea, could be done in a really cool historic way to fit in with the theme!

It really depends how you would like to do this, to get the best out of Augmented Reality we recommend to track the experience to a target image.

You could have the target image as a photo of the existing shop taken from the same direction of the historical photo. Then when the user scans the experience, the 2D historic version will appear and cover the new version.

Here is an example of an image coming to life much like I explained above.


This is also a great case as it takes the historical theme that your experience may follow!

Hope this helps, we are all looking forward to seeing what you can create!


thanks for your reply george.

How do i set up zap studio so that, when I zap the code an 2d image appears.
I tried adding the 2d image to the root, but it doesnt show when I preivew it.


Hi @andrew2,

You will need to train an image (new version of the shop) to the experience using the + button in the media library. Once an image has been trained it will be classed as the target image and can be dragged into the hierarchy on the root node. This will make it visible in the preview and will be what the experience looks for when it is scanned and run.

Now you can simply drag and drop images/3D models/videos to be used in the scene, into the media library. Once in the media library, you can create an instance of them in the scene by dragging them across to the hierarchy on top of the target image.

Once the image is in the hierarchy it will be visible in the scene preview. Controllers and States can then be set up to edit the image properties when the experience is run!

If you run into any problems, please feel free to send us an email at Support@Zappar.com.

Hope this helps,


Hello George
thankyou for your help so far.

Another question here>>> :slight_smile:

Is it possiable to make a 2D image, say of the historic shop 3D. Say the user zaps the code on the shop and they can move their phone around like the 360, seeing different parts of the shop front, is this possiable??
I tried to do it with the photosphere option, but couldn’t make it work.

Hi @andrew2,

Not a problem!

If you would like the user to always seem as though they are in the center, looking out onto a 360 degree image of the shop (either inside or out) then you can follow the 360 panorama tutorial. Please bare in mind that you will need a 360 panoramic image of the shop for this to work and it won’t get the best out of AR.

You could also create a 3D model of the shop and have that appear from the tracking image when it is scanned. The 3D model will have textures and materials assigned making it look like the old version of the shop and because it is in the 3D space and relative to the tracking image, the user will be able to move there device around it to look at different angles. If this sounds like a good idea, you can check out our documentation on 3D models from our website.

Hope this helps and please keep us updated! :slight_smile:


I’m interested in the same similar scenario set out by Dan, and would like to read up on some of the suggested links posted here, but I noticed some of the links like ‘target image’ and ‘Controllers and States’ are ‘404’ dead.

I believe these are what you’re looking for?