Hiding bezier curve?



I’m using a bezier curve to provide a path for an animated object as per the tutorials, but I can’t work out how to hide the curve without hiding everything underneath it in the hierarchy. Even the 3d football shootout tutorial appears to have the bezier curves set to visible.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?



Instead of having the object(s) you want following the bezier curve as a child of the bezier curve you can position them elsewhere within the Hierarchy and set their relativeTo property to the bezier curve instead. This means you can set the visible property of the bezier curve to false and still have your objects appear.

Worth noting that the bezier curve will not appear visible in the final experience when scanned on a mobile device regardless of it being visible or not.



Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for the reply. I’ll give it a go with putting the object elsewhere in the hierarchy, good tip!

I’m sure I did see the curve appearing when viewing on the app, but it all got very confusing in the end. Will attempt the whole thing with an uncluttered mind :slight_smile:

best wishes