Help with Location?


I have done a basic 360 pic and the templet link to my homepage its an original artwork page… paying homage to the Beatles my first attempt at this but will add to this . my girlfriend’s original artwork have look £2. I am working on adding a zap code to geographical locations can anyone help advice me how please regards Ben im only helping my lovely GF do a concept


Hi @iambensimpson,

Photo sphere is looking good!

You can add a Zap code to any image using an image editing software and pasting your downloaded code onto it. You can then track the image to a project so once the code is scanned, it will always stay relative to that specific tracked image. So, for example, you could have an image of the Eiffel tower tracked to your experience.

You can check out our video on tracking images which explains this with an example.

I’m presuming that this is what you mean when you say you would like to add a Zap code to a geographical location. If I am mistaken, please let me know what you are trying to create and we can try to explain ways to get there :slight_smile:




Hi George,

I am trying to make a little selfie app basically,
The app is at locations around Liverpool, so for example taking a still photo with the option of 5 different images at a location around the city.

Whats the best way to trigger the app at different locations ? and can i have a option to change images within a app ?


Hi @iambensimpson,

Sounds like a cool idea, unfortunately geographical location triggering an app once in a co-ordinate radius isn’t possible in the current version of ZapWorks Studio.

This plan however, could still be achievable if you are to create 5 different experiences that are linked to different Zap codes. You can then have these Zap codes printed and placed on each of the locations, ready to be scanned.

Hope this helps.