Help with exporting textured models from Blender for Studio - Dynamic Lighting


Hey there guys!

I’ve used .Pod files using textures with baked in lighting before which worked fine, but wanted to have a go with using the lighting features now in Zapworks. (

To start trying things out, I created a really simple object (a bowl) which in Blender, it has a diffuse map and a normal map. They both work fine in Blender… but as soon as I export to FBX, the normal map is lost and all I can see is the diffuse map. Any tips on where I’m going wrong and how to keep the other maps intact when exporting?

In Blender - Diffuse (named Colour) and the Normal map


Importing into ZapWorks - only option is for the Diffuse map?


Hi @sophie.tooke1,

It seems like the issue may be with the way the texture channels were assigned in, or exported from, Blender.

Have you had a chance to look at the export guide over on our documentation site by any chance? It has some helpful information on working with 3D models in Studio.

Hope this helps.

All the best,