Help Request: Texture Change Animation in Timeline



I’m wondering if it’s possible to alternate between two different textures on a single 3D object in the timeline. If so, how would I go about that?



Do you need to fire it from a timeline?
Will the timeline be in with the 3d models subsymbol?

Because your going to need the texture to be in the 3d models subsymbol and if your playing a timeline you can try Timeline Labels found HERE
I would look at this as well
ZapWorks Studio: Changing an Object’s Texture Using a Button



My project involves hieroglyphics (2D) on a tablet (3D) , they will change from black to glowing red.

I’d like the texture to be changing automatically, on startup, on a loop.

Is this possible?


Something like this?
Texture Change With Timeline.zpp (15.9 MB)



That’s exactly it. I’m trying to breakdown this project, could you give me some insight into how you did this?

Thanks Steve!!