Help Please - subsymbol timeline



I have successfully imported 3D subsymbols into the main stage and accessed and play their timelines as per your documentation. I cant, however, seem to do the same thing when I create a subsymbol (non 3D) with a series of scales for example. When I drag the subsymbol into the main hierarchy and create a new controller and timeline for that subsymbol I cannot see the animation’s key frame option…I am not sure what I am doing wrong. For example, when i look at the solar system example provided by zappar, I can see that within the look for subsymbol there are two timelines and when they are added to the main stage these can be accessed and keyframed under the references tab of the properties tab. When I try to replicate, I cannot get the same result. Any guidance would be fantastic!


Hi @luke,

Individual properties of assets within a subsymbol’s hierarchy can only be accessed within that specific subsymbol.

Once it has been dragged into the main symbol, controllers, states and timelines can be added to the subsymbol although this will change the properties of it as a whole (everything within the subsymbol).

What you see in the solar system example of references. You can create a reference of any property within a subsymbol so it can then be seen and changed in the main symbol. An example of this can be seen below.

Hope this helps,