Help! Fallen Objects in Face Tracking

Just like the video shown. I don’t want the white ball move left or move right by my face.

How can i do ? Thanks.

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Hi @babyfish0226,

I believe I have answered your ticket, but just in case this is helpful to anybody -

You should be able to stop the ball game objects by simply taking them out of the Face Tracking game object in the hierarchy window. This way, they will not be tracked to the face but should still be able to interact with objects that are inside the tracker.

All the best,
Francesca :blush:

Hi @Francesca ,thanks for your reply.
But all my ball game objects had already taking out of the Face Tracking object. Screenshot shown in attachment. The Zappar Camera will affect the game object outside the Face Tracking object.

I also had upload the demo project (394.5MB). Maybe you can try it. Thanks.

Hey @babyfish0226,

I wonder if you can try setting the Zappar Multi Face Tracker as the Anchor Origin property of the Zappar Camera?

Let me know if that does anything!


Thanks George.

But i had try that before and it’s not work . Whatever I set Zappar Multi Face Tracker or Zappar face Tracking Anchor as the Anchor Origin property of the Zappar Camera.