Growing export file (zpp)


Adding media files to a project makes it’s exported file bigger.
But removing doesn’t make the exported file (zpp) smaller.
So the exported file only grows.


I reported this as well: [Bug Report] Adding a video file to a project permanently increases its size even if you remove it afterwards


it would not be a problem if not this inserting error


You can use the command-line zapworks tool to reduce the size of exported zpp files.

See for documentation on how to download the tool, and then run it as zapworks zppclean large_exported_project.zpp which will give a smaller _cleaned.zpp file that will only contain the files that are required.

NB: This is only for reducing the size of zpp files; the published asset zips that users download to view your content are already the optimal size and will only contain the assets currently required by the project.

The best discussion of the details is in this thread: Clean your project before publishing! (note though that the title is incorrect as the user who started the thread didn’t realise the zpp size does not affect published size)