Goodbye ZapWorks pals! 👋


Hi everybody,

I just wanted to post a short (and persona!l) note to say that tomorrow will sadly be my last day at Zappar. After nearly a year here at Zappar HQ, I’ll be leaving to pursue a new adventure in the games industry, closer to home so that I can spend more quality time with my partner.

It’s been a privilege getting to know so many of you on the Forum and via our social media channels (if we’ve interacted on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn - that was probably me!). The ZapWorks community is brimming with exciting creatives and it’s been so great getting to experience and share your amazing projects. For my part, I hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs and other content I put together and maybe found it useful…or at least interesting!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the time we spent together - and be nice to whoever comes next!

All the best,



NO!!! :sob::sob::sob::sob:

We wish you will in your new adventures!!
Thank you for all your help the last year!!



Hey @james.wright,

It’s sad for us but I hope you enjoy your new adventures! Carpe Diem!

att, Higão!


Hi @james.wright
I hope you have a good time in your new adventure.
Thanks for your all helps and I think you were one of the most active Zappar’s team.
Best regards


Gosh!! Sorry for my late reply! I’m sorry to hear you left James! But all the best with your new adventures!

Take care!