Geo-targeted AR content


Hi There

I want to know how we can make a geo-targeted AR content such as your beautiful campaign for Kate Spade?
Thank you
Hamed Miri


Hi Miri,

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

Some of the Kate Spade experiences were launched based on the user’s geolocation data.

However this geolocation functionality was implemented by a third party directly into the existing Kate Spade app, and wasn’t handled by the Zappar app, so it’s not something we had control over in this instance.

Geolocation functionality is something we’re looking into, but at this early stage we don’t have any further information to share.

In regards to tracking an experience to a geographical location (such as a building) this was done by using a photograph of the building as the experience’s tracking image.

While this worked quite well, there are a few variables that need to be considered i.e. changes in the physical location may prevent the experience from tracking well: shadows may obscure areas, shop signs may change etc.

Best thing is always to test and see what works.

Hope this helps.

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