General feasibility question: hide items and show on trigger?

Hi All, I am learning to use zappar. I am trying to recreate an AR experience I made in Apple’s reality composer into zappar. If this is not the correct section of the forum please feel free to move it.

In short it’s a visual story that works by starting with most elements as “hidden” then for example a text elements is tapped so it disappears and another one is shown, audio plays and so on
you can see a short example here CELCIS AR Card 2 - YouTube

Could someone confirm that in the browser editor there is no way to set elements as hidden (and show them later via a trigger)? I had a look to the help knowledge and it seems this mechanism could be achieved scripting by using “hide(), show(), display()”. I have yet to delve properly into the coding and scripting in the desktop editor and before I invest much time in it I wanted to check this is indeed doable.

Thank you very much

bump. any input would be very much appreciated. cheers!

While I’m not sure about Designer, this is certainly something possible within ZapWorks Studio without needing much, if any code. You can set that experience up via actions, states, and timelines. It might take some finessing to get it how you like, but if you’re just looking to switch between story points in a linear fashion, that might be a good solution.