Forest Golem Project - AR Business Card

Hey All,

This is my first post in the Zap Works Forum!

What I have for you is a blog post on a AR business card that I designed and created using the ZapWorks Studio, Let me know what you think I hope it is informative and will give you all some ideas.

All the Best,

Joe - 3D artist at Zappar


Awesome work Joe!

I definitely recommend printing off the target image and zapping everyone :smiley:

Hey Joe,

really cool project, would you mind sharing project files with us?



Hey Imran,

Sorry for the late reply, only just got round to seeing this! Heres the project template provided. Just to let you know the 3D models will need to be replaced by your own (as they are under my copywrite) but I have left them in there to help you reference :slight_smile:

Business Card Example.zpp (8.5 MB)

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Hi Joe,

Love your 3D work! The character is awesome.
What do you use for 3D and do you import POD or FBX?

I work in C4D and am having trouble importing 3d models with baked PLA animation?


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Hey Stephem,

Thank you very much for your kind words, just a fun little project :slight_smile:
I use Maya and I export POD mainly but also .fbx works in studio too.

I don’t use cinema 4D but I would assume that it works with nurbs, something that we currently can’t export into studio.
However @Mark might be able to help you more with this issue.

Hope this helps,

Fantastic work done joe.