Focus camera on

I wanna create the animation in studio and focus camera on specific points of 3d model.
For example I am looking on the front of the 3d model, then I click button and I want the camera to move and look at back-left corner of the model.
Animation start can be not only from front, but any other angle.
I think i need some ar camera position and object position info, but i didn’t find docs about this.
Please tell me how can I do it.
Alike effect you can see here SODEBO x Sea Race by clicking Details techniqies.

I could be completely wrong, but I don’t believe you have control of the “camera” the user has control of the camera. The user is holding the phone camera but you can have it so that when you tap on different points of the 3D model text pop-ups will appear but it would be up to the user to move around the 3D model to see the hotspots in order to get the pop-ups.

Again I could be completely wrong.

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@stivalar is correct - you are unable to control the AR camera itself, as it has the correct settings for tracking content according to the user’s device.

However, this behaviour is still achievable by moving the object itself! I’d recommend having a look at our Controllers and States documentation for more information on how this may be carried out.

I’d also suggest taking a look at our Buttons and Interactivity article to learn how to add some immersion to your experience.

Finally, you may find our AR Photo Booth tutorial helpful, as it shows and explains how to use states to show different objects, based on a button press.

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