Five talking points from the Zappar March Meetup


Last week was an incredibly exciting time for all of us here at Zappar. After weeks of meticulous planning (and a LOT of coffee), it was finally time for our March Meetup - the gathering that brings together our staff, the ZapWorks community, our agency partners and AR enthusiasts from far and wide for an evening of networking, product updates, debate and an industrial amounts of pizza.

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The ZapBox Kickstarter campaign is what got me into Zappar. I love all that Zapworks has become over the years. I can’t wait for more ZapBox Kickstarter campaign features to be finished and released. I would love to see ZapBox link it’s targets and real world tracking. I always wanted to make a full room AR/VR experience.


Ps. When are you going to post videos from the meetup for us that can’t make it?


Hi Steve - that’s awesome, much appreciated. Simon and the team are certainly hard at work on making ZapBox as amazing as possible, so will be updating the community in the near future in more detail about what to look forward to.

On the full videos, they’re currently being edited up by our film team but as soon as they’re done, I’ll be sure to post about it on the Forum and our social channels. Probably looking at around a week or so at least, I’m afraid - it’s a super busy time at the moment!


Very sorry I couldn’t make it but Technology had a 10th wedding anniversary to be at as well…but very excited by the World tracking announcement. I was talking to somebody at Apple today and asking about their ARKit and world tracking as the need for tracking images for 3D scenes really bothers me - so if that can be solved, I will be very happy and all at Technology Towers will sing in joyous celebration.


Looks like it was an awesome event…Shame I couldn’t make as I am based in Birmingham! Wonder if you guys are planning a little roadshow of these community events? Happy to help out with the West Midlands!?.


We’ll let you off for a 10th wedding anniversary :sweat_smile:! Next time!

Glad to hear you’re excited for world tracking - it’s something the ZapWorks community have been really keen to get their hands on, so we’re all very excited to see what you all come up with once it drops.


Hi Mark - it was a great time, shame you weren’t able to make it.

This was only our second meetup event so we’re certainly open to different possibilities! If you’ve got some ideas about how something could potentially work in Brum or in the WM area, give me a DM on the Forum and we can chat about it :).


Sorry I couldn’t make it, the drive to the UK is a bit sketchy from Wisconsin. We sure would like a local event…hint hint. I can’t wait to try out the new features!




Maybe we can car pool for the next one :grinning: we can meet up in Milwaukee :grin:



Thanks for sharing of your last meet up for us ( we are far from London ) :smiley:


You’re so welcome, hope you enjoyed it! We should have some more detailed footage in the near future covering the event and related panel discussions which we really look forward to sharing :slight_smile:!


Thank you so much