Facial recognition


I would like to know when facial recognition will be available at ZapparStudio, since there is a project with this implementation, I would be greatly appreciate this feature.


Hi There,

We don’t currently have any plans to release face tracking within ZapWorks Studio though it may be part of a future update (though we have no current estimates as to when). The experiences that have used it thus far have been internally made and we’d look to make the implementation more robust before releasing it.

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Is it possible to (in a controlled environment) train a picture of a person and use his actual face (same make up and face position) to be used as a target?


Hi There,

Unfortunately, a picture of a person’s face would not make a good tracking image.

We are however actively working on improving our face tracking implementation so we can roll it out for zapworks users.

Thank you for your patience.



Ok, thank you for response.


Hey Mark, could you show us how to do facial tracking with the current implementation? I know it’s not an official feature, but I’d like to know how to do it regardless. Thank you.


Hi There,

Unfortunately until our new implementation is fully created, implemented and tested we will not be releasing any documentation on face tracking.

The current rough implementation is likely to be deprecated an not something we will look to support moving forward hence we are not releasing any details on it at this point in time.



Hi Mark
Is there any progress in your face tracking implementation in Zapwork?


Hi Seyed,

We are looking to release our new implementation (which has been completely rehauled) by the end of this year.