Extended Tracking not cutting it. Can I anchor world tracking to a ZapCode?


As stated I have had a few projects where we have tried to use Extedned tracking, but too much is sliding and digital content is not staying with the real world content. I need a minimal user setup system to use World Tracking, but have locked to a specific start point. I want to have a ZapCode to load the project, but want to place the world tracker anchor at the ZapCode to allow world tracking based on a specific static start point.

How could I go about this?

EDIT: Corrected to list usage of Extended Tracking, not Instant Tracking.


Take a look at the World tracking & Extended tracking

Simon posted some code where you have a zapcode your trackied to.



Sorry, I titled this wrong as that is what I have been using that isn’t working up to our expectations. So any other recommendations to improve tracking in Extended Tracking?


I haven’t played with it alot but if I remember right you can add more then 1 zapcode to help relock the tracking.

How big of a real world are you trying to track?



The base is 2 meters across. Currently tracking fails with simple rotation away from the zapcode.


I found when I was working with world tracking if the real world wasn’t unique or different enough to see changed you would have that problem.

Could this be the same in your world?