Export/Convert Project from Designer to Studio

Hello! I need a Zap Code to open a project for the Zappar App (and not a web browser).

I believe this will require one of the following:

a) Converting the project from Designer to Studio. The forum says this used to be possible, but it seems it is no longer.

b) Downloading the ZPP file to import into Studio, where I can save over the Designer project. The forum describes steps (finding a cog over a thumbnail, or checking the publication history) that are no longer available. Please tell me where this can be done.

or c) Having the project converted some other way.

I’ll describe my issue in more detail. I need my already printed Zap Code to launch a Zappar App experience, but it currently launches a Web AR experience. I have learned that using Studio is the only answer, but I cannot download/import/convert the project or the mere trigger/Zap Code. If I have to recreate the project, so be it, but I cannot reprint the printed Zap Code.

This issue applies to 3 projects I created in Designer. Thank you for your help.