Example stuck on typechecks

Hello, I’ve cloned the repo: https://github.com/zappar-xr/react-three-example-instant-tracking-cube/ on my local and installed the dependencies with npm install, but when I run npm start, it’s getting stuck in typechecks. This is is the message on the terminal:
“Files successfully emitted, waiting for typecheck results…”

I have node v16.14.0 and npm v8.17.0.

Hi @aldo.medina.z,

This is a known react-scripts v4 issue. Could you perhaps try updating react-scripts to v5?

npm install react-scripts@5

This will require a slight tweak to the config-overrides.js file:

- rule.oneOf[rule.oneOf.length - 1].exclude = [/\.(js|mjs|zbin|jsx|ts|tsx)$/, /\.html$/, /\.json$/];
+ rule.oneOf[rule.oneOf.length - 1].exclude = [/\.(cjs|js|mjs|zbin|jsx|ts|tsx)$/, /\.html$/, /\.json$/];
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I have the same issue, I have updated reac-script and change the config-overrides.js, but the problem persist