Error Photo Sphere


Photo Sphere - it doesn’t work on many phones. I tested it with friends- there is no 360 rotation. What to do?

4 skeletons, only one is visible. I have a link to testing.


Can you let us know which browsers and devices are being used? The link works fine for me in Chrome on a Pixel 4A.

The device must have a gyroscope sensor for any 360 experiences - these are in the vast majority of mid-to-high-end android phones (and every iOS device since 2009 or so).


It works on my iPhone 5se with iOS 14.7.1


Tested on a OnePlus 7T, running Android 11 (Red Velvet Cake)

I could see 1 complete skeleton, but the other 3 were just ribs and hip bones. Was able to get the 360 view by spinning around in my desk chair as well.

Also tested on my 11-inch iPad Pro (3rd Gen, from 2018) running iOS 14.4
360 works just fine, i saw the 4 skeletons completely

(both were opened in Chrome)