Does using Universal AR not free?

Hi, i’m new here. I’m currently trying several libraries for my AR projects, but i wanna make sure do i need to subscribe to zapworks plan to use universal AR sdk?

Hi @ndl0901,

You can use all of tools, including the Universal AR SDKs on a hobbyist plan if the projects made are non-commercial. Our hobbyist plan is completely free and comes with 5 projects as standard.

If you are using projects for commercial purposes, you’ll need to sign up for a business subscription. See more info on pricing here: ZapWorks Pricing for Business

Hope this helps.


Hi, thanks for the reply. Ok thanks, but for my demo is it still ok to use hobbyist plan? business plan still kinda expensive for me, at least rn.

YeH, the hobbyist plan is specifically for demoing too.