Device not compatible with Word Tracking


Hi, I’ve tried the new World Tracking demo experience, but this message appears:

I have a relatively new Android. What features should the device have?

Thank you.


Hello @jgcordoba,

Did you check this list before doin the test?

att, Higão.


Hi @jgcordoba,

You can find a list of Android devices that support ARCore here.

We also have some more information on world tracking in Studio over on our documentation site.

Hope this helps.

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Edit: Looks like @higor beat me to it, thank you Higor :smiley:

World Tracking 3D Model template I get two error messages

Lol, sorry @Seb,

att Higão.


Thank you. I still have a doubt. I see that iPod 6th generation has Gyroscope, but it is not compatible with ARkit. Could you see it with this iPOD only with Gyroscope, or would you need a device that is compatible with ARkit?

Thank you.


Hey @Seb,

I’m trying the world tracking template in webAR from my Galaxy S8 but it tells me that my device does not support world tracking.

When running inside Zappar everything works right. Could you tell me what’s the problem?

Is there a list of compatible devices specifically for webAR?



WebAR does not support world tracking right now.
So it’s not your device.



Thanks Steve. Is this information available somewhere and I’ve just happened to miss it completely?

Do you know if Zapworks has a sort of public timeline where they share an estimate of when some features will be released?

Thx for the help!



Here is the link with a list from Max.

I don’t know the timeline but keep hearing that there are big updates coming soon.



Yes, news coming soon on this :tada:





Thx guys!

Looking forward to see this feature working on WebAR


Hi Max - Is there an updated list of world tracking compatible devices for ZapStudio created WebAR?