Designer: Open In External Browser Check Box


Hello -

I have uploaded an image file and specified the action “On Tap” to link to a website. I have left the “Open In External Browser” button UNCHECKED. When i click on the image, I still receive a message to allow the link to be opened in an external browser.

I’d like to limit the times i’m sending a user away from the experience. I assume leaving this box unchecked would tell the app to open the link in-session. Am i missing something?

Thanks (again)


Hey Brian,

this is probably because you are triggering your experience with a QR-Code (WebAR), right? If you use a zapcode together with the zappar app it will work like you expect by launching the website with the internal browser “inside” of the zappar app. If you have your experience already running in a tab on your browser and then launch the website within the same tab you would have to tap the back button to come back to webxrun…and then rescan your target…so to sum up: this checkbox is only relevant when using zapcodes and the zappar app.

I hope this wasn´t too confusing and answered your question.