Designer - Canvas size

I’ve been using widgets for sometime now, and thoroughly enjoy it.
I would like to start moving over to using Designer, but I can’t seem to understand the canvas…

The canvas seems small in zapworks, I arrange all content on the canvas, and when I Zap the code…the images and videos are tiny and squashed up in the centre of the screen.
I please would like to know how to utilize the entire screen…I don’t want my picture or video so small, it makes for an unhappy user experience.

Really appreciate help and feedback

Hi @beautifulmemoriespho,

We recommend using a tracking image when creating an experience to make the most of augmented reality. If the project is tracked to an image, a faded version can be seen below the canvas. This can be used as a template to position and scale content relative in the same way in which the experience is seen when it is scanned.

Our introduction video for Designer explains how to upload a tracking image and how content can be added to the canvas.

Hope this helps,


Thanks George
I have tried that as shown in the video, but once zapped…the content is only in the very centre of the phone screen and very small, with a large unused space around the edge…i would like to utilize the whole screen or at least 80% of the screen.
please see the attached screenshot.

Hi @beautifulmemoriespho,

So, Widgets and Designer has a Grab and Go tool. Can be seen below -


When Grab and Go is enabled, it allows the experience to automatically resize and be relative to the screen. It is more than likely that it will reduce the assets within the scene to make sure everything is still visible.

As designer is more of a drag-and-drop tool that’s great for quickly and easily adding video, photos, and buttons, it loses quite a bit of customisation you would get if you were to use Studio.

Hope this helps!


Hi George
Please be patient with me:face_with_monocle:…the image i uploaded earlier already had grab and go enabled.
if i try and resize the assets in the scene to be larger than the tracking image…i cannot see the assets or edit them as they are no longer visible because they are then off screen.
please see image uploaded to see my explanation of what i need to do.

Thank youZap

p.s even when grab and go is disabled the same thing happens…image is too small on the screen once zapped

Hi @beautifulmemoriespho,

When Grab and Go is enabled, content in all of the scenes is scaled down so it fits within the devices screen size.

I notice that in other scenes (2 and 3), your content overflows the tracking image template that appears under the canvas.

You will need to scale down that content, as well as the content in the first scene. Doing this should mean that when the Grab and Go state is enabled, the content will resize to a larger proportion of the devices screen that you have previously been getting.

If this is still confusing, please check out our docs, more specifically a page on Grab and Go.

Hope this helps!