Dark Halo Around Video with Alpha Channel

Good afternoon, morning, or evening!

I’m using Zappar Designer and it’s pretty simple and great so far. However, when i look at my preview, which includes a video with an alpha channel, the subject matter has a dark, somewhat pixelated outline around it. I’ve exported the file as instructed using the .flv format encoded in VP6. The outline only appears after the video is converted to a zappar-ready format. Any ideas on how to fix?

thank you kindly,

Hi Jerry,

Perhaps its the quality of the green screen editing? I notice that in my alpha videos sometimes there’s a shadow around the subject that wasn’t clearly eliminated during my green screen editing.


Hi Jerry,

It could be the compression applied by the Designer tool if the video you upload does not suffer from the same issue.

While we are looking to improve the compression within the Designer tool, in the meantime we suggest people use the Studio implementation of alpha video which uses MP4 video and offers better compression options. A tutorial on how to implement alpha video within studio is documented here - https://docs.zap.works/studio/alpha-video/