Convert symbol with world tracking to blank symbol?

A colleague of mine has imported multiple FBX’s into a world tracked project template in studio, its just a model so no animation, but he’s spent time placing them in the right positions etc… He’s then sent me the ZPP to add it to an image tracked project that’s already made, However, When i import it into my image tracked project, obviously the symbol doesnt work as it has world tracking inside of it. If i go into the subsymbol, is there a way to remove the world tracking elements and just make it a blank symbol that will work in my project? I’ve tried simply deleting the world tracking elements etc… and although that makes it appear in the main project, the model wont move in relation to the image track.

Any help gratefully received!

ok so the FBX model is it’s own ZPP file inside your main ZPP.

When you add models to Studio they show up a symbol definitions on the right side. You will want to open the symbol with your model in it. Then export that as a ZPP file. You should now be able to add the models ZPP file to your new project.


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