Cinema 4d fbx


Hi everyone!

I am importing FBX model to zappar studio from cinema 4D

and there is some prolems
-“animations” is playing only when i dooble click on fbx file and oben it in new window, when i drag it on my target “animations” are not under controllers
-when i make preview my fbx model appears, but it is not fixed ( can slow from target) and animation does not work

i think maybe cause of all problems can be error importing FBX file from cinema 4d? I have not found tutorial for right saving from cinema ( as was wrote for maya aand other 3d softs)
also i read here about plugins and could not found informantion about them in step by step tutorials

please help! thanks in advance


Hi @marta-zvezd,

Have you had a chance to look at our Playing 3D animations documentation? It shows you how to play an animation found within the 3D model’s subsymbol from the parent symbol.

It’s also worth checking out Studio’s 3D limitations to ensure your 3D model adheres to these.

Hope this helps.

All the best,