Change Zapcode destination

Is there a way to change the destination (After scanning the zapcode) to Zappar application? Can’t seem to find a way to change it. My teacher want it to stay on the Zappar app and not redirect it to the Zappar WebAR.

I think you will need to use only the ZapCode not the QR code.
The QR code is only for WebAR.


I did, even created a new project using ZapCode only, still opens the WebAr after scanning the Zapcode.

My bad, it seems like Designer(Beta) destination is always the WebAr, instead i used the Designer(Legacy) version i questioned myself at the start(Used it a long time ago) why the UI is downgraded and assumed that the beta and legacy version are the same. Im so stupid, sorry for the inconvenience.

That is really interesting to know. I also noticed this the other day when working on a school project. I feel like Designer seems to have been in beta forever with lots and lots of glitches. I like you will go back to legacy and create a project.