Can't display on external monitor in Landscape orientation


My company, is just about ready to deliver our AR app to the Massachusetts Gaming Commision and Massachusetts Council on Gaming Health.The app will be used in all the MA casinos by GameSense advisors to help patrons learn about responsible gaming.

Since Covid, the GameSense Advisors (GSAs) must keep some distance from the patrons and so need to mirror their devices on an external monitor to run and display our AR app. The Zappar experience is in Landscape mode. The problem is that the monitor won’t display Zappar in Landscape. They do not have this problem with any other app.

Has anyone else run up against this? Did you find a solution?



Zappar Mirror Monitor in Landscape Workaround

We’ve found a solution that I’d like to share with the community. We were using Apple devices, PC laptops, and Samsung Monitor

To mirror Zappar on an external monitor in “Landscape View” so the Zappar device frame also turns to Landscape.


  • Purchase Air Parrot 3 App for computer
  • Purchase Reflector 4 App for computer
  • Use Apple TV for Apple devices


  • Open Air Parrot 3 on computer
  • Screen mirror from the iPad to computer (found in list of devices)
  • Open Reflector 4 on the computer
  • Select the name of the Apple TV (or other airplay)
  • Select extended display and slide the mirror image over to the extension (monitor)
  • Right click on the mirror image and in Air Parrot select Freeze Rotation to the Right, also click Fill Screen
  • Now open Zappar App on iPad, open trigger image and rotate to landscape view

Hope this helps someone else with this problem.