Can I access a ZPP file from Zappar?


I have had to change PCs at work due to my usual one not working - however the ZPP file I want to work on is saved on that computer. Can I access this file in any other way?



You can export them before you move pcs. Or they are saved in a documents folder. If you cant get to it on the pc and you have uploaded it to a zapcode you can fo to your account and download it from the websites.



Hi @technology,

You can download the ZPP directly from by clicking on the cog icon of that specific zapcode.

As seen below:


Please note - only projects that have been published can be downloaded from here.




Ah thanks!



This doesn’t seem to work anymore. I have no cog, just 3 vertical dots and no download option. Has this been changed?


Ok, I found the download link in the new Experience page in the Publish log section, but my older published projets don’t show a ZPP download icon. I have changed HDD last summer and lost a bunch of projets. That was before I started downloading the projets and storing them to my dropbox. There are however many projets that are curently published and that I need to rework for an upcoming conference, but I don’t have the ZPP. I really can’t recreate all these already done projets in the short time that I have before my conference. Would you be able to send them to me?

Thank you


For this you should send a list to
Just remember it’s the weekend so you most likely won’t hear back till Monday.



Thanks Steve, but I went through my old file archives and was fortunate enough to find the original ZPP that I in fact exported at the time of publishing! WHEW! I was able to recover the original work. It was published in 2017, so I guess old published projects aren’t stored in the page, just recent ones.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Glad you found them.
Now dont forget to back them up lol