Cache handling


Hello Zappar devteam,

We’ve been creating zaps for offline use. After scanning they end up in my "recent’ scans. We have a few questions on our mind that need clarification.

  1. Are recent scans stored in the Android/iOs device’s cache?
  2. Where are they located?
  3. Can I name an ‘unknown zap’ after scanning?
  4. Are the recent scans affected by clearing the Android’s/iOS’ cache data?
  5. What’s the limit of recent scans?
  6. Do the answers of these questions differ between iOS and Android?

Thanks in advance.


Hi there @academy,

  • You are correct in thinking that the recent scans are saved within the devices cache data store. You cannot rename a zapcode within the app itself, but the saved name and icon of the experience can be changed by logging into, selecting the specific project/zapcode and following the steps below.

  • Once the devices cache is cleared, all of the saved recent apps will not be accessible anymore.

  • There is no real limit on the recent scans list, it just depends on the devices storage.

  • The main difference between iOS and Android is that iOS cache is very rarely cleared as there is no simple way to do it unless you uninstall the application and delete the data. Whereas Android cache that is specific to an app can be cleared through the settings menu. On our side of things however, both iOS and Android perform the same.

Hope this helps,



Hello George,

Thank you for this clear answer. This is very helpful!