Building an AR agency from scratch


Q&A with Milenne Tanganelli, Founder and CEO of Digital Pop-Ups

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Grate article Milenne!!!
I love all the AR’s you have shared.



Hey Zappar team. Thank you so much for my interview! When I read it I feel like I am climbing the Mount Everest :-D. Yes, I am ! Thank you all for your great support. Milenne


Thanks Steve!! By the way, Steve worked on saving me with coding in the Heart Valve Project. ;-).


Hi Milenne! That’s so great to hear you’re happy with how it turned out, we really appreciate you taking the time to do the Q&A. Really think people are going to enjoy hearing your thoughts and experiences and we’re going to be sharing the piece on our social media channels later today to inspire people, so keep an eye out on Twitter and Instagram :blush: .

Really cool that @stevesanerd stepped in to collaborate on the Heart Valve Project - love it when the community comes together to create projects.


Thanks James. I really appreciate that. I hope people the interview helps to inspire people, it is not an easy journey but it is well worth it.

Yes, the forum has been amazing, Steveanerd is proper nerdy ;-), and I also had a lot of help from Len, Jvuillon, Marcus, … and of course Zappar support team !! The best way to work is to collaborate and find the best on each area.


What a great read! Congratulations on your journey Milenne! The business is definitely going to expand :slight_smile:


Thanks Marks ;-).