Blank screen


Is there a reason why the zapworks studio screen would be blank. Even with a new project…no rotation or movement controls and nothing displayed on screen (in the main viewport). All other controls and info are working fine.


Hey Team Zappar,

Here are some images of what our view port looks like when loading a project and starting a new one.




Hey guys,

Thanks for letting us know.

Could I ask you which version of Studio you’re running please, and on which OS?

You can check the Studio version by clicking on the lightning bolt logo in the top left, then selecting ‘About’.

The latest version is 4.0.4-stable.



Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for responding.
I’m using Version 4.0.4 - Stable and am operating on Windows 10 32-Bit.



Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve passed this on to our team to take a look at.

Could you please also send over your system specifications?

Also, if you haven’t already could you please try a fresh install of Studio and see if the issue persists?



Here are my system specifications.

We did a fresh install earlier this morning and was unsuccessfully.

Many Thanks,


Hi James,

Thanks for sending that through.

Did the issue start happening after opening/editing a specific project?

If so, could you please send in the project’s zpp file as well?

If it’s a sensitive project, feel free to send it through to instead.



Hi Sebastian,

Unfortunately not. I was starting a new project and was hoping the view port would resolve itself after training the zappar. I did open another project and the same thing was occurring with the view port.

I’ll export my project and will have it sent over to you.

Many Thanks,


Hi James,

We’ve received your support email so we’ll deal with the issue through that channel.

I’ll post any updates that may be useful to the community back on this thread.



Hi there
Kindly note that i has same issue black windows after installing ZapWorks studio. & after trying the steps here to fix the issue but it didn’t solved so after reinstalling the graphic card driver for my PC its work fine now


i am facing the same issue that i am not able to see anything in the viewport… please solve my issue… im new to this zapworks


Hi @k.prasanth46,

Usually this occurs when something is blocking Studio from running correctly. Please double check you aren’t running Studio on another user (restarting the device can check for this). You can also try temporarily disabling any antivirus or firewalls that may be interfering and reloading Studio.

Feel free to contact if you are still experiencing issues.

It would also be helpful to post your findings if you manage to fix this yourself, in case others have this issue.