Babylon facetraking not working anymore

Hello, since few days I was working on this project and everythings war working very well and since last night it’s seem to not working anymore, even when I use the flascode on github. Can someone tell me if this issue will be fix soon or if anyone has a solution because it was the perfect version for me, with no webpack server or package.json


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Hi @loic.laporte,

I believe I have answered your ticket; but just in case this is helpful to anybody in the meantime:

An update to the Babylon.js library may have caused this issue. As our standalone examples link to the official Babylon.js CDN, this does mean that updates can occur which we are not aware of beforehand.

I’ll report back to our Universal AR SDK developers to highlight this occurrence and see what we could do. In the meantime, I’ve found that using another CDN to target a specific version of Babylon.js from 4.2.1 and below (e.g. like this one from seems to fix this issue. :muscle:

All the best,
Francesca :blush:

Thank’s you very much, I will try tomorrow morning and I will tell you if it’s work :grinning:

Thank you very much for your answer yesterday. There is one last problem to solve, it is impossible to import a .glb or gltf object even by importing an old version of Babylon. If you ever find a solution that would be great.

Thanking you