Augmented Portal "Alone"


So I’m working on a 2nd Augmented Portal called “Alone” But I think my tracking image may need to be worked on a bit. I did go over the video from Mark and was looking for the image checker but could not find it for Studio. So can you all please see how well it moves for you. Make sure to move around the tracking image as I will be having you do it when finished.



Hi Steve,

Cool effect! The grey square (It’s the floor, right?) seems pretty stable and fixed in place. The starry black walls (I think) on the other hand, looks very jittery when I move the camera about.

Sometimes I test the image checker in Designer first before I use the tracking image in Studio, FYI.



Just finishing up with it! 2AM worked all day on it. Very long playing Zap over 5 min!
Must be printed out and placed on a table to work right. Has some 3d and 2d as well as a 360 panorama image. So you will need to scan it with something that has a gyroscope or it will not work right.
Here is the new Tracking image. Will post the fill zap later after I run thru it to make sure I didn’t miss anything.



The portal is now live!!



Ps. It’s a big download file!!


I would love to hear what the judges thought of the one.
Like what they think I could have done to make it better. Liked and didn’t like about it.