Audio playback while editing timeline


I am trying to line up an animation with an audio beat and can not find a way to hear the audio while I adjust the timeline. Any way to hear the audio while you are working on it? All I can do at this point is publish , scan , tweak.



Hi there. No yet. You’ll have to scan and unlock the preview code each time you has to test it. By the way, is an interesting component to developers implement on the platform.


This is actually a great idea for a feature request.


Hi all,

This is a great feature request. I will pass it onto the platform team and see what they say. :slight_smile:

I know it can a bit fiddly when working along a timeline, especially when trying to sync audio to specific events and frames. One little workaround is to get the time of the audio you want to sync, then seek to the time value (in ms) and add your change along the timeline on that frame.

I’ll let you know on this post if/when I get some more information regarding this request.



Hey @George! Excited to start animating with the timeline! Any updates on this, perhaps?